The Attribute Development System consists of a series of exercises that draw from KaliSilatJeet Kun Do, and Capoeira.

The aim of these exercises is to increase a person’s overall physical and cognitive performance through movement-based exercises.

A golf swing, shooting a jump shot, throwing a football and throwing a punch are all highly coordinated abilities that use the entire body to perform a very particular function. In all these activities our power is generated from our feet and transferred up through our legs, into our core muscles, and out through our upper body, arms, and hands. These movements require intense and demanding neurological processes, especially if they are executed in a competitive and fast paced environment. So instead of solely focusing on the physical aspects such as speed and strength, unique movement-based, whole body exercises that focus on agility, coordination and dexterity could be beneficial to not only the body but the brain as well.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” It is a new concept in Neuroscience that the way the brain performs and learns new skills is more like a tapestry than independent strings of thought, so to speak. This means that learning a new skill and an increase in use and performance in one pat of the brain benefits other parts of the brain as well. By developing various parts of the brain that have to do with movmement, coordination, agility and dexterity, we might also be heling the parts of the brain that have to do with working memory, executive function, creativity and emotional health. Further, it is well known in neuroscience that learning new skills develops more connections between neuro-transmitters, and can combat Alzheimer’s and Dementia. So by earning new skills through movement-based exercise, you could actually be making yourself smarter as well!

Physical Attributes:

Strength – A very broad category, including physical strength of upper, mid and lower body.

Speed – How quickly a signal can be sent form the brain to a muscle, and how quickly the muscle can perform.

Stamina – Cardiovascular strength. The ability of the lungs and heart to deliver oxygen to your brain and muscles.

Flexibility – The range of motion of your muscles, tendons and joints. An extremely important and overlooked aspect of physical and mental performance.

Cognitive Attributes:

Agility – the ability to move your entire body quickly and in unison.

Dexterity – the ability to perform skilled tasks with your hands.

Coordination – the ability to perform multiple tasks at one time.

Adaptability – the ability to respond appropriately to an unexpected stimulus, also the ability to use and old skill in new ways.

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