Urban Warrior Martial Arts

Urban Warrior Martial Arts attempts to use various martial arts as vehicles to explore and visit cultures of the past and present; to not only learn their systems of self-defense, but also their concepts and approaches to health, rejuvenation, morality and spirituality. Urban Warrior Martial Arts is primarily a blend of Jeet Kun Do, Kali, Silat, and Capoeira.


Humans in Ancient Times, much like today, were constantly at war with each other. Before the emergence of the first Ancient Empires such as the Persians and Romans, war was not fought by professional soldiers who were paid to go to battle, but by volunteers from local members of the society. These volunteers fought not for money, but for honor and prestige within their community. Today, we call these individuals warriors. Warrior’s spent their entire life honing and refining their military prowess so that their people could survive, and this knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, until the process became an art, a Martial Art.


Every culture has it’s own martial art, it’s own system of fighting that has been handed down for generations. These systems of combat categorically include elements of training and discipline that extend beyond the battle field, and into the hearts and minds of the practitioner. Without exception, all martial arts come complete with not only an approach to warfare and combat but en education in strategy, psychology, and spirituality, as well as a code of ethics and morals as well.


A Martial Art is a process of self-improvement, self-knowledge and self-discovery. Just as a painter uses a brush and canvas or a musician plays their instrument, the martial artist uses their body. The body and mind are the brush and canvas of the martial artist, the soul their instrument. The same attention and care that a violinist must give to their violin and bow, so must the martial artist give to their self: mind, body, and spirit. If any one of these elements is out of balance or unhealthy, the martial artist will struggle and risks being defeated, by others or by themselves.

If the body is weak, they will be overpowered. If their mind is weak, they will be tricked and out-maneuvered. If their spirit is weak, they will become corrupt and arrogant, and will eventually defeat themselves. All of these elements must be considered by a martial artist or else they risk defeat, or worse, defeating themselves. Urban Warrior Martial Arts uses the knowledge and wisdom from various cultures to improve and develop the persons body, mind and spirit. All knowledge is viable and should be explored; what one person thinks is useless, another might find useful and treasure.


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