Jeet Kun Do

Jeet Kun Do, or JKD, is a philosophy more than it is a system of fighting. Sijo Bruce Lee developed Jeet Kun Do in the 60′s and 70′s, and he taught it as a way “To honestly express one’s self.” Jun Fan Gung Fu is a system of fighting that Bruce Lee developed based on his own personal experiences and preferences. Jun Fan Gung Fu has many elements, but some of the most notable influences are Wing Chun, Western Boxing, Choi Le Fut, Savate, as well as Judo and Wrestling. Sijo Lee didn’t want to create generations of copy cats, but generations of creative individuals, so that is why he created JKD, which is a philosophy, not a martial art.

Sijo Bruce Lee performing Chi Sao with his Wing Chun master, Sifu Yip Man.

Urban Warrior Martial Arts uses the tenant of Jeet Kun Do to “Absorb What Is Useful” from all styles and bodies of knowledge. Bruce Lee laid the ground work to hybridize and create individual systems of martial arts, or Mixed Martial Arts. Before Bruce Lee, this practice was unheard of and even heretical in the marital art world. It seems Bruce Lee as way ahead of his time; today, mixed martial arts is a multi-billion dollar global industry.

Wan_Kam_Leung_and_Bruce_Lee By Echirlin
“Man, the living creature, the creative individual, is always more important than any estabished style or system.” – Bruce Lee

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