Urban Warrior Self-Preservation System

Urban Warrior Self-Preservation System is a streamlined combination of Urban Warrior Martial Arts and the Attribute Development System; the Self-Preservation System focuses solely on self defense in life threatening situations.

The techniques, exercises and strategies in this program are for real life combat situations and need to be used at the appropriate time and only as a last resort. If someone shoves you and you respond with an eye gouge or a throat hit, that wouldn’t be an appropriate response, and could even be grounds for aggravated assault.


The Urban Warrior Self-Preservation System is best suited for women and children to protect themselves from assault, abduction or rape. The techniques in this system are only justified in life or death situations.

Wan_Kam_Leung_and_Bruce_Lee By Echirlin

The techniques in this system come primarily from Bruce Lee’s style of fighting, Jun Fan Gung Fu, as well as weapon strategies and techniques from the Filipino Martial Art of Kali.

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