Capoeira is martial art with West African origins, but it evolved in Brazil, amongst the West African cultures that were brought there by slavery. The word capoeira is actually a Native American word, meaning “a clearing or grassy area in the jungle”. Capoeira is also the name of a small Amazonian bird that uses it’s legs to kick opponents during combat to decide mating rights.
Capoeira was originally practiced by African Slaves in Brazil, and they would use it to fight amongst each other and against the Caucasian European minority that enslaved them. As Brazil became increasingly urbanized during the 18th and 19th centuries, capoeira became almost synonymous with a life of crime in the Maritime cities of Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and Fortaleza. Capoeiristas were renown for their ability to fight with razor blades and canes, as well as sweeps, kicks and head-butts.


Today capoeira is still known for it’s sweeps, kicks, head-butts and unique ground movement, but it is also known for it’s music, acrobatics, and graceful, yet deadly movements. Capoeira is excellent for cross training and for restorative and anti-aging qualities. Like Silat, capoeira is excellent for the hips, back and spine.

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