Kali is a traditional and comprehensive martial art system from the Philippines. Pre-dating the Spanish arrival in the Philippines, Kali is an extremely varied and adaptable art form.

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Kali is a mother art of various Filipino and Southeast Asian martial arts. Kali encompasses all bladed weapons, Escrima (stick fighting), Panatuken (punching), Dumog (grappling, locks and wrestling), and Sikaran (kicking).


Kali has many influences from various cultures, due to the Filipinos maritime society. The Filipinos traded with, were colonized by, and were influenced from many different civilizations including the people of Persia, India, China and Western Europe. Due to constant warfare amongst opposing clans, over 300 years of war to prevent Spanish colonization, and the constant hybridization and evolution due to outside influences, the Filipinos have developed one of the most sophisticated and complete martial arts in the world.

Urban Warrior Martial Arts draws extensively from Kali, as it is taught by Guro Dan Inosanto. The exercises and techniques in Kali teach universal motions to increase strength, coordination, agility, dexterity and reflexes.

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