Creature Work for ABC’s Grimm


I’ve been a professional stuntman for about six years now, and some of my favorite work has been playing a supernatural creature of some sort. Over the years I’ve done creature work on True Blood, Priest, Star Trek 2, and most recently on ABC’s Grimm. I’m flying to Portland next week to work on Grimm for the second time. Portland is a great city, and a welcome break from Los Angeles. The cast and crew on the show are all exceptional to work with. There’s a pervasive sense of happiness on the show, which I am very grateful to be apart of.


I often use a lot of Capoeira and Silat when I do creature work. The quadrupedal movement of both these martial arts are very useful for unorthodox body movement. Surfing also helps with maintaining fluidity and balance throughout different low crouching poses.


Creature Work usually involves wearing intricate prosthetic makeup. The first step is they must make a mold of your face, head, and torso. This takes about an hour. Than on the day of filming, the application of the prosthetics can take up to three hours in the make up chair. Star Trek 2 I had three makeups artist working on me and it still took about 3 and a half hours. The prosthetic make up is done by B2B EFX, located in Burbank, CA. They’re a great group of people that basically read scripts, draw and sculpt monsters, and than bring their vision to reality on the silver screen. Not a bad gig.


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