Restoration: How to Make an All Natural Salve

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This past weekend my surfboard hit me in the eye and split it open pretty good. I had to get three stitches, literally sewing my eyelid back together, not a fun experience. Since this is a really sensitive area I wanted to be extra careful not to get an infection, it could ruin my eyesight. The doctor gave me some poly-sporin antibacterial gel to put on my wound, but this stuff is petroleum based, as is almost all anti-bacterial ointments. Whose idea was it to put petroleum in ointments to heal cuts? This seems pretty ridiculous to me.

I decided to make my own anti-bacterial salve, made from all natural ingredients. The salve was made from a few all natural products that I have discovered over the years. In my opinion these handful of all natural products are indispensable due to their usefulness, versatility, and effectiveness. A hand full of products and you have a Holistic First Aid Kit.


First, my soap of choice is Dr. Bronners magic Soap. It is a pure, simple castile soap with all of it’s glycerins retained. It has no Parabens, no animal testing, it’s vegan, fair trade, and organic; the list goes on and on. Dr. Bronner’s is as amazing soap. Plus it’s hypo-allergenic, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin and for cleaning a delicate wound, like over your eye. With Dr. Bronners soap you can wash your hands or your clothes, clean your dishes or cuts and scrapes, and all without harming the environment.

Besides Dr. Bronner’s, I feel everyone should have some Tea Tree Oil in their bathroom. This essential oil is a miracle worker. I once had a cut on my leg that got infected, and the infection went down into my leg and than popped up around the cut with little puss pimples all around it. Not a good sign! I just dressed the wound with tea tree oil for a few days and the infection vanished! Tea Tree oil is a natural biocide; meaning it kills virus, bacteria, and fungus. It even abates scoriosis. It is an amazing product. Get some!


Another amazing product that I use is made almost entirely of Bee products. It uses Honey, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, and Propolis. There are numerous different brands out now that sell this particular blend of Bee products, but the original is Egyptian magic. Apparently Madonna swears by this stuff, so it must be good. It works as a lotion for your skin or a conditioner for your hair, but bee products are renowed for their preservation qualities. Honey has an indefinite shelf life, meaning you could let it sit in a jar for a thousand years and than eat it as if it was put in the jar yesterday. What does this have to do with wound dressing? I don’t know, but it must have some correlation! The Bee Magic is a great way to keep a wound from getting dry and cracking, and it will also help with scarring. It’s perfect for burns, rashes, sun burns, and minor cuts and scrapes.



Making an all Natural Salve

Now Tea Tree Oil can hurt a lot if it gets in your eye, take it from me, I know. I thought I could apply a little bit of Tea Tree Oil to my cut without getting it into my eye, I was wrong. It went into my eye almost immediately. The stinging was pretty intense, I wouldn’t recommend it. So I decided to make a salve out of the Tea Tree Oil and my Bee Magic. I simply but some of the Bee Magic on my finger and dropped a few drops of Tea Tree Oil onto it. I than mashed the Tea Tree and Bee Magic around in between my fingers and spread it along my cut and the rest of my eye. I kept it out of my eye, but I could still feel the sting of the Tea Tree a little bit; the Bee Magic did a good job of abating the Tea Tree’s stinging, and keeping it contained, all without any petroleum! Next time you have a cut, try this!!



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