Lifestyle: The Intangibles of Life

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(photo of pro surfer Dane Reynolds, enjoying the intangibles of life.)

As I was out in the water surfing the other day, I reflected on how much more enjoyable a surf session is to spending time at my home gym. Whereas time in the gym is all about quantifying things, (minutes, reps, sets, pounds, etc.) surfing has no quantifiable outcomes attached to it. Surfing, like any adventurous outdoor activity, is a lifestyle more than a sport. It is a lifestyle that revolves not around a goal or a particular outcome, but a constant search for an ever elusive, ever changing, and always fleeting phenomenon: the wave.

Try to focus on your health and wellness “lifestyle”, not just focusing on your weight or your waistline or any singular and specific goal. Lifestyle encapsulates all the intangibles in life. Pay more attention to the little things, and less attention to specific goals, such as “loosing 5 pounds.” Enjoy activities that are social, that are outdoors, that bring you enjoyment beyond simple exercise or being fit.

The website for “Marine Layer Productions”, written and maintained by world renowned professional surfer Dane Reynolds, is a great example of the recreational lifestyle of surfing. Dane is considered one of the best surfers to ever ride a wave, but his focus has steered further and further away from the monetized, corporate, professional contests that can dominate the surfing industry. In recent years he has put more and more attention towards promoting a lifestyle; his production company, Marine Layer Productions, is the home for his thoughts and imaginings. The site is worth a perusal, to say the least.

Check out Dane Reynolds’ vlog site

And here is a clip of Dane Reynolds movie, Slow Dance, featuring Craig “Ando” Anderson. Both of these amazing athletes have turned their backs on the competitive nature of professional surfing, and have instead decided to be ambassadors of surfing culture

Also, check out this movie starring Dane and Ando, Dinner for Deux.

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