Jeet Kun Do with Sifu Dan Inosanto

I regularly attend classes at the Inosanto Academy in Marina Del Rey, California. Tonight in the Advanced JKD class, Sifu Dan talked a lot about the history of Jeet Kun Do, and specifically about the time when he was teaching the classes at Sigong Bruce Lee’s Chinatown Academy in Los Angeles. Sifu Dan showed us xeroxed copies of hand written notes that Sigong Bruce gave him during private lessons. We saw all the material that was written out and that had ben practiced over a six week period, and I have to say it is about as many notes as I get with one weekend Seminar with Sifu Inosanto.

Sifu frequnetly states that “All knowledge comes from the creator.” He believes that knowledge should be shared, not hidden and hoarded. A truly revolutionary concept. The truth is, knowledge isn’t power, it’s your ability to use that knowledge that gives you power.

Sifu Dan Inosanto travels 40+ weekends out of the year teaching seminars all over the world. If you have the opportunity to attend one of his seminars, do so, and you can thank me later.


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    i love this!! teach me!

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