Instructorship at the Inosanto Academy

I feel extremely privileged to have been able to train at the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts in Los Angeles California for the past 5 years. Recently, I have attained Associate Instructorship Level 1 at the Inosanto Academy in Kali and Jeet Kun Do, and I received my Black Ikat from Guro Dan in Silat as well.

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This event marks the greatest personal achievement I have ever attained. I am very honored to train under the famous Guro Dan Inosanto for as long as I have, and to continue to do so. He is an amazing thinker, who’s scope of study and experience goes far beyond the movements of Martial Arts; Guro Dan is a scholar of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Education. Through his eyes, and by his example, I have learned how inter-disciplinary Martial Arts is, and the myriad of benefits it can bring to an individual.

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This video I made with two of my training partners from the Academy. It aims to demonstrate the variety and depth of knowledge in Martial Arts I was able to gather in the past five years. It shows me demonstrating the arts of Filipino Kali, Indonesian Silat, Thai Boxing, and Jeet Kun Do. I learned far more than just movements and self-defense at the Academy, but this is an example of the self-defense techniques I did learn. _/|\_

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