Learn to Play, Play To Learn.

Children are amazing learners, they absorb things like sponges, and the best way for them to learn is through play. This child isn’t simply mimicking, but demonstrating an understanding for rules and concepts well before he could verbally communicate these ideas. He is waiting for his turn, imitating various movements and creating his own “movement vocabulary”, and even showing that he recognizes it is a competition. Pretty advanced stuff for an infant… Im guessing 1 to 2 years old.

As a martial artist I have witnessed how effective games are for learning even complex concepts and techniques. As adults we have learned how to verbally communicate and think abstractly in order to learn new skills; but children haven’t yet developed these societal characteristics, and therefore they can be “difficult to teach”. In my experience playing is an excellent way to not only teach children new skills, but also many other concepts such as rules, respect, and delayed gratification. Work less and play more I always say, and maybe you might learn something in the process.

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