Lifestyle: Exploring Santa Cruz for the Holidays

This Holiday Season I made an extended stay, or Sojourn, in Santa Cruz, CA. Although Huntington Beach won the battle to be called “Surf City USA” in the court room, Sanata Cruz holds this title in spirit. Everyone surfs in Santa Cruz. EVERYONE. Young and old, boys and girls, experts to barneys and everything in between, Santa Cruz has every type of surfer imaginable.

It makes sense for surfing to be such an integral part of the culture in this California Beach Town, seeing as how the city itself overlooks a handful of some of the coasts best point breaks. Surfing is in your face constantly while in Santa Cruz, and few can resist the call that the wavs make to each passerby as they walk along iconic West Cliff Drive. Here are a few moments frozen in time from my trip there. Thank you Santa Cruz, until we meet again!


The crossroads


“Surfer” was here


“Waves are toys from God.”

-Clay Marzo


Surfer’s Lament


Job well done


Even the building have waves in SC


Past-time paradise


God bless Santa Cruz


Fast track


“The Lane”


Law of the Land


Coastal Access at it’s best


A Dad is coaching his 12 year-old daughter as she is about to paddle out at The Lane


Front row seats, how many of them are dreaming of surfing??


Doesn’t get much better than this


California Icon