Capoeira: Legendary Mestre Suassuna


Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna, or Mestre Suassuna as he is known by thousands of students worldwide, is arguably the most famous capoeira master alive today. Mestre Suassuna was born in Itabuna, Bahia in 1938. At a young age, a doctor recommended to Suassuna that he started training capoeira due to an ailment in his legs. Mestre Suassuna trained with most of the legendary capoeira masters of the time: Mestre Bimba, Mestre Waldemar, Mestre Canjiquinha, and Mestre Pastinha.

Mestre Suassuna founded the world famous capoeira organization Grupo Cordao de Ouro. Known for his friendly demeanor, humor, musical ability, and capoeira prowess, Mestre Suassuna truly is a living legend. Always playful, often mischievous, Mestre Suassuna is a joy to be around and to train under. If you ever have a chance to see him live at a seminar near your area, do so, you will not regret it!

This is a clip of Mestre Suassuna singing a song composed by his close friend, Mestre Accordeon.

This clip exemplifies the playfulness that capoeira can embody, with a capoeira game between two famous and venerated masters, Mestres Brasilia and Suassuna. Bear in mind both of these masters are in their 70′s! Capoeira is an excellent art form that will keep your legs, core and upper body all in great shape, as well as promoting full range of motion in all your joints. There are no old capoeiristas.

Does a handgun really make you safe from an attack?

Many people think that owning a handgun is the best answer to self defense, but in many cases this is not the case.  If you have a holstered gun, most times an assailant can close a gap of more than 20 feet before you can draw your sidearm properly, aim, and pull the trigger.

This video shows Guro Dan Inosanto in a training exercise with various officers from the LA police force. It clearly demonstrates the superiority of hand held weapons versus a firearm in a close quarter situation.

In the end, the human body is the ultimate weapon. Your reflexes, and hand to hand comabat skills, will save you from an assault better than a firearm in most situations. Not that firearms aren’t an effective means of self defense, but just owning a gun does not guarantee your safety.