Capoeira Angola

Capoeira is a great martial art that increases your bodies attributes, such as balance, coordination, agility, core and leg strength, timing and rhythm. It is a great way to increase your range of motion and flexibility as well. Capoeira Angola is a traditional form of Capoeira that emphasizes stylized movements and expression, as well as guile and trickery, over flashy kicks and brute strength.  A style of capoeira that is very richly steeped in history and culture, Capoeira Angola also has an elaborate percussion ensemble that produces beautiful hypnotic music.

If this looks remotely interesting to you, than look for Capoeira classes in your area today! Capoeira must be seen first hand in order to be truly appreciated.

Recreation: Carrizo Plains National Monument

This is a short documentary I made on the Carrizo Plains National Park located in Central California. I camped out in my truck for four nights, reheating canned soup and eating hummus and avocados with rice crackers and a bag of tangerines for sustenance. It was a quiet and relaxing adventure, mostly spent sitting and watching. Looking for birds and animals, especially endangered ones, isn’t as easy as you’d think. But surprisingly, it isn’t impossible either. You just have to keep your eyes peeled.


IMG_8659 7 Mile Road

By far the most exciting part of the trip was chasing the endangered kangaroo rat around my campsite in the middle of the night with a flashlight. Almost feels like a Disney nature documentary. Almost. But it really was a blast to make this piece. Trying to track down endangered birds, antelope, and squirrels proved to be quite a relaxing adventure. There was no cell service in the Carrizo Valley, and you truly felt like you were in the middle of nowhere. The wildflowers should be quite spectacular this year, seeing as how we have had a very wet winter. We shall see.

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